The following dependencies should be installed on your system in order to work with this Boilerplate.

You can find most installation steps within osx-bootstrap but in short:

  1. run brew install node when using Homebrew
  2. run curl -L | sh
  3. run npm install -g gulp

At last make sure you correctly configured your paths.


Run the following command to install all requirements from within the root of the package:

  • npm install to install the requirements from package.json

Gulp Commands

All front-end related tasks are handled via the Gulp task runner:

  • gulp sass compiles sass and splits critical from non-critical css
  • gulp lint starts all linting services using .eslintrc.js and .stylelintrc.js
  • gulp webpack compiles javascript
  • gulp icons generates an svg-sprite
  • gulp optimise optimises images within /static/img and svgs within /private/svg

For generic usage use:

  • gulp default runs the default gulp commands
  • gulp watch runs the gulp watch defaults
  • gulp build this is the command that is also run on Divio Cloud when deploying


You can append --debug to almost all of the commands to enable debugging, sourcemaps, disable minification and more.

For a full set of commands checkout the tasks inside the Gulpfile.js.

We love code over configuration.