As /static is publicly accessible, avoid adding sensitive files into this directory.

Keep the root path of /static simple and clean. Only favicons should be placed there. They ultimately get picked up by the base_root.html template.


CSS gets automatically compiled via /private/config.rb into this folder. You can add additional files such as *.htc if required. But always add CSS files through Sass.


All fonts should be placed here including icon fonts. You can create sub-directories to create a better overview. This folder might not be required if you are implementing fonts via services such as Google Fonts or


Demo images (which might be later integrated as media files via Filer) should be placed within /static/img/dummy. This folder will be ignored by the gulp preprocess and gulp images commands.

Make use of grouping and create additional sub-directories such as /static/img/icons or /static/img/visuals if the file count seems to be excessive.


The same structure approach as described within Private is applied to the JS directory. jQuery is an essential part and should be treated the same as the Bootstrap component.